The Warehouse Bar & Grille

Erica’s review: 

TasteI’ve been so impressed with Warehouse’s vegan options and how they just keep adding to it every few months. From mac & cheese, to Impossible burgers and subs, to bowls, salads, and chili, Warehouse has a wide selection of vegan food, no matter what you’re in the mood for. My go-tos are the Impossible burger and mac & cheese, but the crispy brussel sprouts tossed in a sweet chili glaze sauce really stole the show when I ordered it as an appetizer (say no ranch on the side to make it vegan!) All of Warehouse’s dishes have a nice kick to them, and I so appreciate the owners getting creative with their offerings.

 Gramability – In the daytime and on the patio when the weather is nice, fellow bloggers can get some awesome photos of Warehouse’s colorful dishes. The restaurant has big windows all around, which is great for those natural light shots. It can be a bit tricky at night when they dim the lights — using flash or having a friend help with lighting will be beneficial!

Atmosphere – Warehouse is a sports bar and definitely has a casual environment to it. It’s not necessarily somewhere I would recommend going for a fancier meal, but the food quality is still very high. It’s perfect for a work outing, a dinner with friends, co-workers, and even for families (I would just avoid going with your family on a night where there’s a game on, as it’s bound to be noisy and crowded!)

Kayla’s Review:

Taste – Best food I’ve ever eaten in a Sports Bar; the first time I had an Impossible Burger that I actually enjoyed was at Warehouse! Their cauliflower wings are probably my favorite item on the menu and for a little #menuhack I recommend pairing the wings with mac and cheese. Erica and I have been lucky enough to try pretty much everything on their plant-based menu and all of it tasted good, although in my opinion their bowls, burgers, and shareable dishes were more exciting and flavorful than the vegan chili. Also, their fries are definitely plant-based but I’ve never had them as they are cooked in a shared fryer and that’s something I try to avoid for personal reasons. 

 Gramability – There are a lot of big, comfortable booths next to the windows. If you like shooting photos with natural light these booths are ideal! The space is good for those of us who like darker backgrounds and is solid for taking food shots. I don’t think it’s the most gram-able in terms of decor or portraits but Warehouse does a great presentation and I’ve been super happy with all of the food photos I’ve taken. 

Atmosphere –  I have limited experiences in a Sports Bar atmosphere because they’re usually not vegan-friendly so Warehouse is a fun change. I’m not big into sports so I haven’t been on a Game Day but I’ve always felt comfortable and welcome. I’ve dined there with 1 other person and in a big group for a birthday dinner and both times were fun and what we were looking for. I can definitely say it’s my favorite Sports Bar in the area!
Price note: A treat yourself type of place, on the higher end of what I spend for a regular meal out. 

Overall forkability: 4.5

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