On Saturday, August 28th, Arlington’s Thrive Juice Cafe, an all-vegan cafe loved by the community, suffered a devastating fire at around 4 am. A car passing called in the fire early Saturday morning, and fire investigators believe a bin of cleaning rags spontaneously combusted, starting the fire.

There is currently a GoFundMe to help, which states:

“Given the severe damages, the restaurant is indefinitely inoperable. This unfortunate circumstance has left our staff unemployed and major reparations to be done.

With these funds we hope to help our Thrive family stay afloat during these difficult times and bring our business back to the community as soon as possible.

We’re heartbroken that owners, Derek and Michelle Fleming, have solely taken on the burden of reviving the well- loved juice bar and want to do everything we can to aid their recovery.”

Donations will go towards new equipment, helping staff and the family continue to pay bills, and to help fuel marketing efforts when they are ready to get back open.


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