Hey everyone! John and Asia here from Tofu Talk, a podcast where we dive into personal development, mindset, vegan lifestyles, health, and current events, while also remembering to laugh and not take life too seriously (it’s serious enough in 2020)!

As Asian-American Gen Z-ers living in Boston, we are creating this space in hopes of sharing our experiences as POC and diversifying the narrative of what it means to live vegan.

You can expect to hear conversations all across the vegan spectrum – from science-backed, plant-based nutrition to where we spend our dollars to support vegan restaurants in the city and beyond! As the podcast continues to grow, our hope is to connect with individuals in this community to feature on our platform and have some insightful discussions. Find us on Spotify and Anchor by searching “Tofu Talk”, and follow us on Instagram @tofutalkpod to stay up to date on episodes and funny behind the scenes. Thank you so much for tuning in!

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