Tamara is the founder of The Striped Cat Metalworks, where she makes beautiful handcrafted jewelry from recycled metals she melts and showcases her love for animals and nature. Tamara creates her one of a kind jewelry in a tiny backyard studio that her husband built for her while Max the cat sits in the window next to her and safely watches the wildlife in the backyard. She even donates a percentage of the proceeds to nearby animal sanctuaries, as well as includes a small gift with each purchase she buys from other vegan-owned businesses. We love the support Tamara shows for the community, the animals, as well as her creative style and art that really shines through her jewelry.

When Tamara isn’t working on her jewelry, you can find her baking vegan snacks for her family, talking to her houseplants, or taking her cat Max (he is THE striped cat) for a walk throughout her yard and gardens!

You can support Tamara and her work by checking out her website. If you ever wanted some handmade items to showcase your love for animals and the vegan community, then this is the perfect opportunity!


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