Schmilk, the world’s first premium vegan milk chocolate. What’s special about Schmilk, you might ask? It actually tastes like milk chocolate, but better. Since 2012, Schmilk Chocolate has been hand crafting this cruelty-free milk chocolate in their Vermont-based factory.

For the founders, Madeleine Siegel and Adam Jacob Flores, Schmilk is their offering, not just to vegans, but to the world. Their mission is to show people from all walks of life that quality, plant-based foods can taste astoundingly better than animal-derived, human-exploited ones.

So, what’s their secret in making such a decadent, vegan milk chocolate? Cashew nuts- the key ingredient which makes this dairy free milk chocolate irresistibly delicious, in the most creamy-and-smooth way possible.

Purchasing Schmilk contributes not only to their mission, but it also supports small business. All of their artisan chocolates are made entirely of vegan, organic, soy free, gluten free, and kosher pareve ingredients. Plus, they use top-quality, fairly-traded Peruvian cacao.

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