The story of Pricklee is one of how 5 pharmacists became best friends, and then beverage founders, thereafter. They met in 2015 in Boston after they had finished pharmacy school, and very quickly realized they would become lifelong friends while learning how to be young adults in the real world. Namely, they bonded over 3 key things:

  • First, as pharmacists, they believed that health and wellness was represented in an overly intimidating manner across social media, and society.
  • Second, they all shared an entrepreneurial spirit, and wanted to leverage their healthcare backgrounds to solve a real public health problem, and have some fun while doing it.
  • Third, they are all children of the world, from Southeast Asia, to Guyana, to India, and the Middle East. While vastly different in cultures and upbringing, they found belonging, comfort, and strength in their diversity.

Naturally, with so much in common, they decided to combine their passions for healthcare and entrepreneurship to disrupt the health and wellness industry by creating a mainstream beverage that was actually healthy. In 2018, they created Pricklee – the most refreshing cactus superfruit water. Ever.

Healthy without sacrificing taste. Tasty without sacrificing health. An everyday drink for everyday people.

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Taste the Oasis with Pricklee

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