In honor of VeganZine’s exciting relaunch we are celebrating by highlighting the work of a local nonprofit, which is dedicated to saving rabbits and advocating for the end of animal testing!

Behind the Buns

Meet Save The Buns a nonprofit based in Massachusetts that was founded in 2020 by local vegan and veterinary technician Mallory Cormier (she/her/hers). Save The Buns’ goal is to be an advocate for bunnies (aka buns). Their mission is to provide sanctuary or adoption to rabbits that have been or are intended to be used in animal experimentation or research. In addition, they spread awareness about animal testing and promote alternatives over the use of animals.

Save The Buns, Inc. was created Nov 2020 in the midst of COVID-19. Founder, Mallory, supposes, “it wasn’t the BEST time to start something like a nonprofit but honestly, COVID didn’t slow anything down and surprisingly it worked in our favor. Being restricted on what and where you could go allowed for extra time to really dig deep into what was important to myself and how I so badly wanted to help rabbits in laboratories”. The organization entered local awareness with their first fundraiser, Buns for Buns, in April 2021. Seven local eateries created bun-inspired baked goods and donated part of the month’s sales to Save the Buns. 100% of these donations were put towards future lab bun rescues to cover costs of veterinarian visits, spay and neuter procedures, food, and housing for the rescue bunnies.

Along with Mallory, the organization is supported by an Advisory Board. The board hosts three current members, Sophie, Katrina, and Kelly, all of whom have experience working with lab rabbits. Save The Buns is currently focused on a few core initiatives to fundraise and organize people power to get the rabbits out of labs and into sanctuary. Along with these initiatives their website mentions 2 “big goals” projects, Bunville and Bun Club. According to Mallory, Bunville will be a greenhouse type structure that will act as a sanctuary for a set number of buns who have been rescued from labs. They will live out the remainder of their lives in a natural setting, have places to dig, forage and burrow. The goal is to produce some of the food that the rabbits will eat (herbs and veggies) by composting their waste into the soil to then produce food for them! The sanctuary will start off “mini” and will be closed to the public so that it can truly be a “sanctuary” for them where they can live as naturally and stress-free as possible. In addition to the sanctuary, they plan on setting up a foster to adopt program where rabbits will be fostered by a bun-savvy human who will shelter, feed and love that bun until they are ready to be adopted. Mallory describes Bun Club as being a little different. This a program designed to give labs an alternative option over euthanasia for their rabbits. Bun Club will allow specific labs to have a relationship with Save The Buns where they agree to contact the organization if they have a rabbit that they do not need anymore. In return Save The Buns will keep their privacy and provide sanctuary or adoption to the rabbit. This program is fluid and will be adjusted per lab in order to build a trusting relationship.

Get Involved

There are an aBUNdance of ways, both virtually and in-person, to get involved and help save the bunnies. If you are local to Worcester, MA you can attend the free Brews for Buns fundraiser at Redemption Rock Brewing Co. on September 12th. Along with Redemption Rock Brewing Co. beer, there will be food for purchase from Grubby’s, Jennifer Lee’s Bakery, and The Donut Shack. Save The Buns will also be hosting a silent auction and have an info booth set up so attendees can get to know more about their advocacy and activism work. 100% of the donations and funds raised at Brews for Buns will go to the organizations first bun lab rescue. For a truly bun-tastic time, please be sure to wear your masks and keep our community healthy.

Other opportunities to support Save The Buns can be done anywhere at any time. Enhance your favorite water bottle or laptop case with stickers from the Save The Buns Sticker Shop. All the beautiful bun-themed artwork was created by the Amsterdam-based vegan artist Weronika Kolinska. You may also make donations via Paypal, Venmo, or mailing a check to the buns P.O. box. 

Follow Save The Buns on Instagram to stay up-to-date on future activism opportunities and subscribe to the VeganZine newsletter for a Q+A with Save The Buns founder Mallory Cormier.


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