Meet Stephania, CEO and Founder of NoPigNeva

By Kayla Kaplan

Vegans have long since dreamed of the day when they would be able to order animal-free seafood, baked goods, and 6 types of vegan brie without getting off the couch! Thanks to the hard work and drive of entrepreneurs like Stephania Bernard our dreams are now reality. Steph felt the need for better vegan grocery options after getting tired of going store to store for her favorite foods so she created NoPigNeva.

The Zine Team has been gushing about NoPigNeva since day 1 when we learned Woburn, MA was getting its own fully vegan online grocery store. They offer specialty vegan goodies, local products, meal kits, and fun weekend giveaways along with options for monthly or annual memberships that come with great discounts. I could go on and on but we already have a long-form review of our NoPigNeva experience. Time to rein in my excitement and introduce you to Steph!

Q+A With Stephania Bernard

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Where did the name NoPigNeva come from?
I grew up in Boston and wanted to poke-fun at the Boston accent and tell people I am vegan all at the same time.  No Pig = No Meat, and Neva because we ‘neva’ eat meat! 

What are your most popular items?
The Breaded Shrimp from Sophie’s Kitchen and the Truffle Brie from the Uncreamery are some of our most popular items.  The Key Lime Cookie Sandwich from Bit Baking Company is also incredibly popular!

What are your favorite snacks you keep stocked?
I absolutely love the Myrtle Greens Black Pepper Jerky as well as the Spicy Sriracha Vegan Jerky.  Another favorite of mine is the Vegan Cheese Puffs from Ashapops – so much flavor!

Have you noticed any trends in your customers and their orders?
The second (follow-up) order from our customers is always much larger than the first!  I believe that’s a testament to the awesome selection that we carry here at NoPigNeva!

What does a day or a week in your life as an entrepreneur look like?
It’s very fast-paced and exciting! No two days are alike and include hundreds of emails, meetings, working with brands, and understanding the needs of our customers.  I absolutely love the satisfaction I get as an entrepreneur from seeing a vision come to life!

The greater Boston area is a wonderful hub of entrepreneurship. What community members, organizations, or resources have you felt supported by?
We have been greatly supported by the VeganZine Team!  They have been great to work with and an amazing and professional collaborative partner!
(She really said that, my heart was bursting!)

 Have there been barriers you’ve encountered as a Black-owned, woman-owned, fully vegan business that you feel comfortable sharing?
There has been a lot of focus on race relations over the past year or so.  But as a business-owner my greatest barrier has been gender related.  In the business world I have spent my fair share of time being man-splained business concepts that I am already well aware of.  I have even experienced price gouging and being dismissed as a business owner when dealing with key elements of my business.  

What has gotten you through this challenge to the point you are now?
As an immigrant you come to the U.S. to fight for a seat at the table for the most basic of needs that most take for granted.  That persistence and grit was forged as I grew up which makes it easy for me to handle what is thrown at me as the CEO of NoPigNeva.

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