This is a template of an email we will be sending out to the businesses listed on the VZ Support Local page. We are working to compile a list of the positive, anti-racism actions these businesses have made or are planning to make for our community to reference.

We will hold ourselves and our affiliates accountable to be actively anti-racist, something that requires continuous effort and learning.

We hope that other members of our community can use this template to do the same.

Subject: What anti-racism work is your company doing?

Hi _____,

Veganism is the fight against oppression and our advocacy has and always will include human and non-human animals. VeganZine is committed to providing resources, news, and updates for all members of the vegan community as well as working to make veganism an intersectional and equitable space.

As you may have noticed, we have broken from our typical format in consideration of the movement to end police brutality, in support for Black Lives Matter, and racial equality. Part of this format includes holding ourselves and our community accountable for providing the necessary resources and actionable changes to further this movement.

VeganZine has been highlighting Black-owned businesses on our website, hosting activism events on our calendar, and providing resources and educational information on our social media and in our weekly newsletters. We are a small company run by 3 women who, in our personal lives, have demonstrated this commitment through protests, donations, petitions, voting, and engaging in necessary dialogue on and off-screen. We also understand that our position requires us to continuously learn, grow, and listen.

With this in mind we are compiling a list of organizations in our community who are demonstrating their commitment to this movement. Would you please share with us any actions, donations, or changes ____________ has made or is planning to make to support the Black community in the short and long term?


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